Our Story

Kiwi Cylinder Heads started life in 2004 like many successful businesses, in a garage in Auckland. In the early days of after market cylinder head supply there was a lot to be learnt. Some bad, some good lessons. The pitfalls were many and varied; those early days were a challenge.


Kiwi Cylinder Heads accepted the challenge and took steps to overcome the challenges the industry presented. Visiting factories and building relationships with the manufacturers is key to understanding this market. Kiwi Cylinder Heads has built long and strong relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers. Kiwi Cylinder Heads only purchase the best quality products from reputable companies who can prove consistent quality assurances. This is why Kiwi Cylinder Heads can offer a class leading warranty period of 12 months, unlimited kms, parts and labor included.


Kiwi Cylinder Heads pioneered the “Fully Assembled Cylinder Head Kit” and many have tried to replicate this over the years. All Kiwi Cylinder Heads Fully Assembled Heads are Professionally Assembled by Trade Qualified Technicians. Using nothing but All New Parts in our assemblies we are confident that the product is of the highest standard. This gives the end user confidence also in their work and customer satisfaction.


As Kiwi Cylinder Heads has grown and matured over the last 15+ years, we have been able to offer associated parts that compliment the cylinder head. Gaskets, Head Bolt Sets, EGR Coolers, Timing Kits, Water Pumps, Thermostats. Plus all the individual parts that go into a cylinder head such as, inlet and exhaust valves, valve springs, shims and cam followers, cam shafts and valve train components and assemblies. Just to name a few. This gives Kiwi Cylinder Heads one of the most comprehensive product lists dedicated to cylinder head market.


Kiwi Cylinder Heads are extremely proud of our heritage and have strong ideas for the future growth that will take Kiwi Cylinder Heads even further and set the standard for all others. Kiwi Cylinder Heads equals “Quality, Confidence and Reliability”

All prices are shown in Australian Dollars.